Shay Cosmetics LLC is an all-natural beauty line located in New Jersey. This line is dedicated to making sure that customers experience comfort, health, and beauty on an entirely new level. 


Founded by Tashaya "Shay" Bacote, Shay Cosmetics LLC began simply by realizing that finding products that work for your skin specifically has become a wild goose chase in this day and age. While working on a craft project one day, Shay came to the realization that if she could make the products that are so expensive in today's market, she could cater them to her skin specifically. 


That's where Shay Cosmetics LLC comes in! Products are made-to-order by special request from customers with sensitive skin, dry skin, eczema, etc. Shay Cosmetics is always working to make sure that the population that it serves is satisfied with its products.


Want to learn more? Browse through our products and see for yourself!

Shay Cosmetics CEO
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East Orange, NJ, USA

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